Ladder Stabilizer: 4 Ways To Use This Safely

men in yellow safety vests climbing on roof using ladder stabilizer

Practical DIY requires a number of tools like ladder stabilizer. While you don’t have to shell out too much, it pays to put safety first. Home projects can be fun, as long as they’re not putting you at risk of injury.

All it takes is one wrong step. As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Let’s take a look at one great way to keep you safe while you work on those home projects.

What is a Ladder Stabilizer?

When it comes to jobs around the exterior of the house like painting or cleaning the gutters, you’re going to want to use a ladder.

However, ladders can often be unstable and risk causing injury. A great way to avoid this is by using a ladder stabilizer.

True Value Projects explains that a ladder stabilizer is a piece of equipment that’s typically made out of aluminum. They are sturdy and manufactured to be placed near the top of your ladder.

This results in your ladder touching a surface somewhere four times, giving it an extra boost of stability.

​The reason for this is that the load is distributed more evenly. When you step onto a ladder, your weight is carried across a narrow area. This increases the risk of your ladder becoming unbalanced and you losing your balance.

A ladder stabilizer distributes the load of the ladder, helping to prevent the ladder from moving as you ascend. Because the ladder now has added grip against the surface it is leaning against a ladder stabilizer also avoids the risk of slippage.

Ladder stabilizers are great for exterior home jobs. It means that you can work on the surface directly in front of you.

2 Handy Ways to Use a Ladder Stabilizer

Now that you know what a ladder stabilizer is let's look at two handy ways you can incorporate a ladder stabilizer into your DIY projects.

Working Around High Windows

The Family Handyman explains that the first job you can use a ladder stabilizer with is working on and around high windows.

​Because of the stabilizer’s wide stance, you can easily reach the window you are cleaning or painting around without it getting in the way. Additionally, you can use the ladder stabilizer as a hanging rack to safely hang a lightweight pail of paint.

Reaching Overhangs

The second handy way you can use a ladder stabilizer at home is to reach overhangs. Because a stabilizer keeps your ladder securely in place, you can reach out and safely paint the trim of overhangs without worrying about losing your balance.

When working on an overhang, a ladder stabilizer also allows you a clear view of your work. Because you do not have to extend your arms unnecessarily, it's even less tiring.

Simply attach your ladder stabilizer as an extension of your ladder over the top two rungs, and lean it firmly against the surface you are working on.

2 Practical Ways to Use a Ladder Stabilizer

Now that we've looked at two handy ways to use a ladder stabilizer with DIY home projects let's look at another two practical uses that will make the job easier.

For Cleaning Hanging Gutters

The Family Handyman continues by saying that you can quickly clean out hanging gutters by placing your ladder stabilizer at the very top of your ladder.

The trouble with cleaning out gutters using a regular ladder is the overhang. When the ladder is leaning against the exterior of your house, it’s hard to lean out and see what you’re doing.

​Instead, you can lean your ladder against the ladder stabilizer, providing you with a better view and more comfortable reach. You can also purchase ladder stabilizers that are adjustable. This allows you to lean your ladder as far out as you need.

For Scaffolding Projects

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The last practical way you can use a ladder stabilizer in conjunction with your ladder is in place of scaffolding. Scaffolding is time-consuming to set up and can be expensive to hire.

You can easily emulate a piece of scaffolding with your ladder and stabilizer. It allows you to create a steady, firm workplace where you can paint and clean from without worrying about falling or losing your balance.

Owning a Ladder Stabilizer for Home Projects

Some pieces of home DIY equipment are too helpful to pass up.

Owning a tool like a ladder stabilizer can turn your DIY projects from a chore into something you enjoy doing. No longer do you have to reach for those hard to get at places.

With a ladder stabilizer, you can finally get around to those jobs you thought were too hard to get done. You can easily clean out the gutter and see what you’re doing. You can also paint the trim of your overhang without injuring your back.

​Owning a ladder stabilizer can make DIY home projects easier.


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