How Commercial Roofing May Be More Durable And Efficient In The Long Run

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Commercial Roofing – More Durable and Efficient?

Commercial roofing is different than residential roofing. There are different things that go into roofing a business (commercial property) and roofing a home (residential property). For one thing, unless a business is being run out of a home, or former home, it's roof is probably much different

Commercial Buildings and Roofing Them

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Owning a commercial building, whether you run a business out of it or rent it to other businesses, is an expensive endeavor. Much like owning a home, there are things that you'll need to invest in for upkeep. One thing you'll need to keep in the budget is roofing and roof repairs.

Investing in a good commercial roofing company can save you some money in the long run. There are numerous differences between the commercial roofing and residential roofing; make sure you know the differences and that you hire a contractor that knows them as well.

Here are some of those differences 

Roofing Materials

Just like residential roofs, commercials roofs come in different “shapes and sizes.” Many commercial roofs use similar materials as residential roofs. Sloped roofs on businesses use metal panels and asphalt shingle. Common on people's homes.

Businesses with flatter roofs, or lower-sloped roofs, need something more durable. They are more prone to the elements because they hold onto snow, ice, and water. Because of this, commercial roofs need better products that are longer lasting and more efficient.

Commercial roofs use thing like modified bitumen and roofing membranes that are single-ply and built-up. Because they are businesses, they also have requirements they must meet in order to pass inspections. This means that it's important to hire commercial roofing contractors, as opposed to those that specifically work on residential home or doing it yourself.

Building Design

Most commercial buildings have flat roofs that have a low slope. This is a big difference in design than the normal residential home. Commercial roofs are also much larger than residential roofs.

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Commercial roofs are sturdier because they need to hold up heating and cooling systems. They have ventilation systems within them. They also have drainage systems built into them. These are all things that a commercial roofer needs to know how to work around.

Proper Installation

Again, because of the roof designs and special roofing products needed, installation needs to be done by a professional. The roof needs to be completely watertight, and someone that knows commercial roofing needs to be on the job to make sure that this effect is created.

While some businesses will want aesthetics, more focus needs to be put on making the roof sturdy. A leaky roof for a business could be thousands of dollars lost in merchandise

Commercial Roofing Maintenance

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Commercial roofs have different problems than residential roofs. Pooling water and clogged drains can cause huge problems.

A residential roofer won't know how to fix these issues.

As a commercial building owner, you will need to understand that your roof needs regular maintenance. It's important to have a commercial contractor that knows how to upkeep your business roof. The sooner problems are dealt with, the loss it will cost you.

Hiring Someone for Your Commercial Roofing Project

When you need to hire someone for your commercial roofing project, you need to look into some things before picking a contractor. You want to hire someone that has worked on the specific type of roof your business has. You need a commercial contractor with a specific skill set, not someone that just started their business.

You can't DIY a commercial roof. There are too many risks. There are also too many rules that require inspections when it comes to commercial businesses. Before you start looking for a contractor, find out what the rules and regulations are for roofing where your business is located.

A reputable commercial roofer will be happy to show you their credentials. Ask them about the types of roofs they've worked on and don't be afraid to ask for references. Your business is an important asset, so treat it that way.

Your Commercial Roofing Project

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It's important to always remember that commercial roofing and residential roofing are two completely different things. A contractor that specializes in residential work will not be able to do work properly on a commercial property, even if they say they can. You need proof that they have experienced before you hire them.


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