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Choosing which roof underlayment to apply to your roof isn’t an easy decision. You want to make the right choice.
Your roof is one of the biggest changes you can make to the outside of your home. Here are all the roof parts names that you will need.
While roofing supply options used to be limited to materials like asphalt and clay, there are currently a lot of different styles out on today's market. Not only can you get the classics, but there are many ways to...
Do you have a flat roof? Are you considering adding weatherproof roofing and exteriors to your home or business? Find out more here.
DIY doesn’t have to be a chore. There are tips to consider in everything that we use to DIY especially in roof repair. Sometimes, it’s easy to put off the jobs that you don’t want to do. Replacing broken shingles on...
The jury is out. There are differing opinions on which season is the best for installing roofing shingles. Some argue that summer is peak building season, while others believe that you should hold off until winter on installing roofing shingles. Let’s...
Are you curious about the best methods for installing a green roof? Learn how to install green roof to a preexisting building.
Before you build a roof on your home, you should know what kind of roof sheathing material to buy. Read on to find out what you will need.