Wind Vent Systems Are Not New…… #roofoptions


Here’s just one more option for membrane roofing. A Wind Vent System. Yes you get a rubber 60mil rubber membrane roof without the glue’s, without being mechanically fastened. What makes the ERC-WV System unique? It uses the Bernoulli and Venturi Principals to capture the dynamic flow of air across the roofs surface to generate low pressure. The vent works with the effects of the wind instead of against it. It uses the power of the wind to hold the roof securely in place. Based on a recognized principal of physics, the vent creates a vacuum that becomes stronger as the speed of the wind increases. The vacuum pulls the air from under the membrane – drawing it down to the deck and holding the membrane firmly in place. The reality is, destructive uplift pressures are counteracted by a greater vacuum force under the membrane created by the vent. The harder the wind blows the better it works! By accelerating the wind through this unique design, the vent lowers the pressure under the membrane reducing the need for conventional attachments methods. The revolutionary Venturi Vacuum Technology is ideal for low sloped roofs in environments with high winds, such as South Florida and on buildings where fully adhering a membrane is too costly an option. (for more information contact  Learn more at

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