How to Put Christmas Lights on Roof: Adorn Your House for the Winter Season

christmas lights at night on the roof of a large house

The holiday season tends to bring out the festive spirits of almost every American nationwide. In fact, over 25% of individuals claim that they start their holiday shopping all the way in September! With such excitement and enthusiasm surrounding the holidays, it is no wonder why homeowners like to decorate their homes with an array of vibrant lights. Because of this, many residents are eager to learn how to put Christmas lights on roof structures in their home.

Measure the Eaves You Intend to String

The leading step in creating bountiful lighting fixtures is to measure your roof’s eaves. This way, you’ll determine the necessary lengths. Christmas lights typically come in 50-foot strands for every 100 bulbs.

When you’ve obtained the end result, divide it by 50 to determine approximately how many strands you will need. It is recommended to buy a little more than you aim to use. This step is just in case the measurements are a bit off.

Clean the Roof for Optimal Adherence

When learning how to put Christmas lights on roof units, a clean surface is key. You want to make sure that the area is as free of local debris as possible. A large amount of residue on the roof can cause light clips to become loose.

Most homeowners find success in using a solution made of water, detergent, and bleach in roof clearing. Just wet the eave surface, and scrub off any dirt and grime. Let the area completely dry before you start hanging any clips or bulbs nearby.

During this process, as well as the light stringing process, there are some safety tools you need. You’re going to want to secure yourself in a full-body safety harness before cleaning or stringing. If you are able to, try to get a friend to remain nearby. Safety is always the key component in home projects. Be sure to have the proper tools and support.

Purchase the Necessary Supplies

inside store with shelves full of christmas lights products

We are fortunate enough nowadays to be able to avoid nail guns and hot glue while light stringing. Holiday décor suppliers have now invented light clips. These tiny items make the process of how to put Christmas lights on roof fixtures much easier.

Light clips are available in various designs. It is up to you to purchase the ones you like best. For instance, many clips are used just to hold strands. Other varieties are created with brackets that hold the actual bulbs themselves. They also come in a wide variety of colors to conform to your home’s exterior.

Buying the right bulbs is also an essential part of learning how to put Christmas lights on roof linings. To prevent possible fire hazards and other damage, look for the UL seal. A UL seal indicates that the brand meets American National Standards. Lights that are specifically labeled for outdoor use are also important in terms of meeting safety requirements.

Get the Light Strands Ready for Hanging

The biggest hassle for most homeowners during holiday decorating is untangling pesky light strands. Even when light strings are properly stored, they still can get a bit mangled in the process of being shelved. Find a flat, firm surface that you can wrap the lights around while you unravel them. This will allow you to untangle previous knots while making sure the rest stays separated.

Unraveling light strands may be the most time-consuming part. However, bulbs also require preparation. Plug in the lighting unit so that you can spot any bulbs that need replacing. It is also a good idea to feel each bulb for added security. Loose bulbs could end up being misplaced during the hanging process. To save more time down the line, check each bulb to make sure it is both secure and working.

Proceed to Install the Light Clips

man in work clothes hanging string of christmas lights on roof

Light clips made the task of how to put Christmas lights on roof areas much more user-friendly. However, there are still a few rules of thumb that should be followed.

A good suggestion is to have a ruler or tape measure handy to make sure the spacing is even. Since lights give such radiant glows, if some are off-kilter, it can be highly noticeable. While you place them across the eaves of the roof, keep the same distance in between them. It doesn’t have to be completely perfect. Nonetheless, even a general pattern will create a better aesthetic.

Once the light clips have been properly positioned onto the eaves, it is time to secure the bulbs. This operation varies depending on which clip varieties you’ve installed. If you have clips that just hold the strand, carefully string each strand onto the clips in an even fashion. For clips that hold the actual bulb, many are secured by a latch at the bottom of the bulb for added security.

Plug the Fixture into the Exterior Receptacle

Before you finalize the process by activating the lights, check to make sure that your exterior outlet is as dry as possible. You want to certify that there is no excess dampness surrounding the receptacle for an added safety barrier. Some homeowners find that they need to purchase an additional extension cord, but others can do without.

Light strands typically act as an extension cord on their own due to them connecting to one another. Plug the end of the light string into the outlet, and look over the area to spot any non-working lights. If you do end up finding one, don’t panic.

Any leftover bulbs from additional string can be used as working replacements. This is the last step when it comes to how to put Christmas lights on roof units. The rest of the night can be spent in admiration of your hard work.

Now that Your Home Is Strikingly Lit…

beautiful, festive red cabin with christmas lights on roof at night in snow

The outcome of all of your dedicated light stringing will provide your neighborhood and passersby with a wondrous sight to see. A home that is grazed in Christmas lights is both beautiful and stimulating to onlookers. It is also a sure shortcut to getting into the Christmas spirit. If you are in need of assistance from a professional, a local construction company can help aid you in the process.

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