Roof Inspection Checklist – How to Inspect a Roof

a house with a damaged roof from wind and other causes

To keep nature’s elements outside where they belong, you need a strong and dependable roof. What can you do to keep your roof in solid condition? First, have a yearly inspection done to check for moisture and damage on the shingles because the shingles are your first line of defense when it comes to stopping expensive repairs. Residential roof inspection classifies as a preventative maintenance job. Also, you need to follow the guidelines presented above of a complete roof inspection checklist.

To ensure the roof inspection takes place, add it to your once-per-year calendar. After you have done that, you can go outside on a warm day to look for problems. In general, we recommend you avoid climbing the roof because the dangers of falling aren’t worth it, and you can just as easily look through a pair of binoculars for the inspection. Plus, the less you walk on your roof, the better for your roof’s durability. Here are some effective tips on how to properly inspect a roof.

a man inspecting a roof

What to Look for in a Damaged Roof

When checking the roof, here’s your roof inspection checklist to decide if there’s damage to the roof:

  • Cracked caulk.
  • Broken or missing shingles.
  • Buckled, curled or blistered shingles.
  • Damaged or missing chimney cap.
  • Cracked and worn rubber boots near the chimney cap.

You should also add moss, lichen and colored grit on the asphalt to your roof inspection checklist. It’s also a bad sign when you discover sand granules on the surface of the roof. If you notice any of these signs, you may want to follow up with further roof inspection services from a professional because they can give you a more detailed analysis.

Some roofing companies will also offer a free roof inspection where they will look over your home to determine whether you need to repair a portion of the roof. The roof inspection cost will also sometimes be free if you need repairs.

How Old Is Your Roof?

The average roof will last between 20 to 25 years before you need to replace it. What happens if you bought a new home and you don’t know the age of the roof? You can ask a home inspector to conduct an analysis because they will know the materials, and they will know what it looks like after a few years.

Most home inspectors can give you an accurate analysis. If the roof is older, you should add this to your roof inspection checklist and keep track of how old it is. Also, in some states, the replacement of a roof requires a permit, which means you will have a record of when the roof had been replaced. You can also choose to ask the owner for records of this.

At the end of a roof’s lifetime of 15 years, the national average for a new asphalt shingle roof will be about $7,600. Should you decide to sell the home, however, you will recover 105 percent of the cost, according to a 2015 remodeling report from the National Association of Realtors.

a beautiful roof with a large part of the shingles being damaged by a storm

The Easy Fix

When scrolling through your roof inspection checklist, you will only see one or two missing shingles or one shingle that has been torn loose or damaged. Nevertheless, as soon as your roof inspection checklist takes note of it, you should have the hammer and nails ready for action. This lowers the risk of it damaging the roof even worse.

For those comfortable on the roof, a bundle of shingles will cost around $24 while it will cost $6 for caulk. You should allow for half a day to make shingle repairs and check to make sure the weather will be good for that day before you take on a roofing project. When looking at roofing around the chimneys, the vinyl and metal flashing should separate and be resealed using caulk.

Consider the Costs

We’re looking at every angle of the roof inspection checklist, and there’s a possibility you may have to hire a professional roofer for the job. For the minor fixes, you could hire a handyman to lower the overall expenses. Several missing or broken shingles will cost you between $100 to $150.

Still, a larger repair on a 10′ x 10′ roofing section will cost between $100 to $350 if we’re talking about an asphalt roof. If it’s wood, on the other hand, it will cost between $200 to $1,000. On the other hand, commercial roof inspection will be a different kettle of fish.

three workers repairing a roof

When to Go through Your Roof Inspection Checklist

After a heavy-duty storm or after hail, you should go outside to inspect your roof and make sure it holds up. The roof system remains an important part of the home because it keeps the rain and cold out, and it protects you from hail. High winds should also send you through your roof inspection checklist because high winds have a reputation for lifting shingles up and blowing them off the roof.

Hail can also sometimes cause holes or punctures in the shingles or cause them to age prematurely. When you have doubt about a deficiency in your roof, contact your insurance company and schedule an adjuster to conduct the inspection. It costs you nothing to do this.

Always Use a Licensed, Insured and Professional Roofer

Before you ever hire a roofer to give you a roof inspection report, they should have a license and insurance. Insurance is important because if you look at the number of roofing accidents, you want insurance to cover them in the event of an accident. Falls account for three-quarters of the fatal accidents in the roofing industry, and without insurance, you could get stuck paying worker’s compensation.

Summing It Up

If you keep these things in mind with your roof inspection checklist, you should be able to adequately inspect your roof. Remember, however, to call for backup if you believe your roof has damage. This gives you further analysis, and even better, a professional will give you an accurate quote on the costs. Another advantage of hiring a professional for this is how you don’t have to worry about the safety end of it.

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