Ondura Roofing Panels Review

a representation of Ondura roofing panels on a small miniature house

You may have visited your local hardware store to find Ondura roofing panels sitting on the shelves. They look fairly reliable, and putting a hand on the material reveals quality making. Should you choose this form of roofing over the others? When the hail pounds your roof or the snow builds up in dead weight, will it hold up? The key buying point with Ondura Roofing Panels lies in how you can replace the expensive shingle, and the brand claims it will last a lifetime.

Installment of Your Ondura Roofing Panels

In general, installing Ondura roof panels will not demand exceptional DIY skills, but hiring a professional roofer ensures it gets done right. These roofing panels hold the advantage of being a lightweight material, so you don’t tire yourself out hauling the panels over your shoulder to the construction site. The tools you need before starting include:

  • Ladder.
  • Hammer.
  • Safety glasses.
  • Tape measure.
  • A string line.
  • Saw or utility knife to cut the paneling.

For materials, you will need:

The best way to approach installment involves one person on the ladder while the other hands the paneling up to him. With Ondura roofing panels, a chief advantage lies in how you don’t have to lay down plywood before you start, and much of the installment is self-explanatory. For this style of roofing, you could apply it to a new garden shed or workshop. Because of the lower cost, you can construct a building for a fraction of the price of shingles.

an Ondura red ridge cap for roofs

Potential Installation Problems

#1. Putting It on for the Right Scenario

On the whole, Ondura roofing panels go on easily, but you can encounter problems if you fail to heed the instructions. One of the greatest problems you may face with these roofing panels relates to installation on roofs with eave-to-peak distances of greater than 80′. You also want to install this paneling on a roof with more than a two-inch slope up to a 12-inch slope.

#2. Ventilation Problems

Ventilation concerns have become another key concern with Ondura roofing panels. A failure to install the ventilation correctly equates to overheating within the structure. Also, over the winter months, improper ventilation deteriorates the covering materials and the frame. To combat the problem, Ondura recommends you install Ridgeline Ridge Strips to increase airflow.

#3. Insulation Problems with Installment

Before you even start to install this roofing, understand that all roofing requires ventilation for the lifetime to remain at the optimum level. To close off the ventilation in an uninsulated building does not lead to better economy, and your roof will deteriorate much faster if you fail to install an adequate ventilation system.

#4. Installment Problem: Misalignments

Because of flexibility with the Ondura roofing panels, the sheets could encounter a misalignment or, “spreading” as you install it. To eliminate the problem, keep the tiles and sheets at a nominal width of 48 inches.

Ondura green roofing panels

Pros of Ondura Roofing Panels

  • Cost efficient.
  • Easy to install.
  • Can apply it over a shingle roof.
  • Look sharp and appealing.

Cons of Ondura Roofing Panels

  • The coating wears out and needs to be re-applied every five to seven years.
  • Does not come with a ridge cap and roll roofing is better so that it doesn’t come off in the wind.
  • Cannot hold up to when you walk on it.

What Models Could You Choose?

On the whole, the Ondura Corrugated Roofing Panels earned the love and affection of over a hundred customers. It’s a red colored panel that looks fairly sharp on most homes, but you have to decide for yourself how you want the roofing to match with the rest of your home. Another choice to consider includes the Ondura 904 Corrugated Asphalt Roofing Green Panels.

This roofing panel works well for almost any roof size, and provided you have installed it correctly, it remains corrode-resistant. This roofing panel also doesn’t normally have sharp edges, which makes it safe to handle with your hands. Still, we recommend buyers handle this roofing with gloves to protect their hands. Every sheet covers up to 26 square feet.

What Does an Ondura Lifetime Warranty Mean?

Because Ondura defines lifetime as, “For as long as you own the structure,” this could mean less than a 20-year lifespan of shingles, but it could mean longer. Remain alert when you start to install your roofing panels. Pay close attention to the instructions, or you will void the lifetime warranty because you didn’t install it properly.

As an alternative to shingles, Ondura may look attractive over high-grade shingles, but it may not hold the value you hope it does. Some of the key factors to staying vigilant with on Ondura roofing panels include:

  • Installment.
  • Warranty voiding.
  • Appearance for when you will install it.
  • Special vent caps installed right to stop leaking.

Putting It All Together

Sometimes with a roof, you want to install a skylight, but Ondura doesn’t recommend customers install them with the more residential applications. Still, for those who have a garden shed or cattle barn, a skylight adds to the natural lighting within the building. After a period of years, aging does start to take its toll on the Ondura roofing panels.

You can give it new life when you paint it, and you protect it from mother nature’s elements. You may also want to sweep the dirt off the roof and spray an acrylic latex exterior paint. We’d love to hear about your experiences and what you loved and didn’t love about it. We invite you to share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

Image sources: Ondura, Amazon