How To Install Metal Roofing: A Guide For The Homeowner

a round-shaped metal roof

It is easy to learn how to install metal roofing on your home or shed to prevent weather from entering. Still, you should follow a few tips listed in this article for help. There are quite a few steps involved in installing metal roofing. Therefore, you have to follow the process step by step to avoid any latent issues with the roof. You cannot expect metal roofing products to solve your problems instantly. Also, you will learn what to do only if you continue to read. You will learn about a metal roof vs shingles, how to cut metal roofing and how to install each product.

What Is Corrugated Metal Roofing?

The metal roofing you place on your home or shed is a special form of metal that has been bent to create ripples. The ripples make the metal much stronger, and it is made in differing thicknesses for your needs. It is preferable to use something quite thick on the roof of your home. Feel free to use something thinner on a shed or carport.

Metal roofing pros and cons include the extreme durability of the product, the thickness you purchase and the sound it will make when you have wind and rain. You may not need something that is particularly quiet, but you might have concerns if you have quite a lot of wind and rain in the area. Weather plays a large role in the installation of each metal sheet, and you should ask a contractor how they plan to help you.

How to Install Metal Roofing – Main Steps to Follow

a metal roof with hail damages

#1. Measure the Roof

To do this, you should take a measurement tape and determine the roof’s width. Then, divide this number by three. The result will show you how many panels you need to cover the entire roof.

#2. Cover the Shingles with Insulation Material

For a higher energy efficiency, you should add insulation to cover your panels. This material will help you avoid a lot of issues such as moisture problems, mold, and others. Make sure to secure your insulation, by fixing it with plastic caps or a staple gun.

#3. Lay the Boards

You will need batten boards to secure the metal roof properly. In order to screw the boards into the roof, you should use a drill.

#4. Install the Eave Flashing

This part of a metal roofing process helps water flow off the roof. Attach these eaves using nails and a hammer.

#5. Apply Closure Strips

These items will cover the gaps that are formed between the metal panels. If you want a better insulation, you should apply butyl tape sealant on top of the closure strip.

#6. Install All the Metal Roof Panels

Lay the roof panels one by one, until you cover the entire area of the roof. Secure them by screwing them one into the other.

Pros And Cons Of Metal Roofing

If you want to learn how to install a metal roofing, you should definitely take a look at the pros and cons of each product. You are planning to go through an installation process that is quite complex. Therefore, you have to weigh the pros and cons to ensure they have been considered carefully. Each advantage and disadvantage will lead you to a proper decision, and you must not purchase materials until you are confident in your choice.


  • Metal roofing is very durable, and you can leave it on a shed or home for many years before it must be repaired or replaced. You will see quite a lot more life in a metal roof than you will in traditional shingles.
  • There is the possibility to purchase metal roofs in a number of thicknesses. Also, the materials change in thickness as you install the roof. You can use these sheets of metal for flash, and the thick sections will protect the structure.
  • The metal roof you purchase is quite simple to repair if there are any issues, and you can remove or replace the metal sheets if necessary.


  • A metal roof will be much heavier than a shingle roof. Moreover, the metal roof pieces can be hard to manage as you complete your project.
  • Metal roofing will not always come in the color of your choice, and you should ensure you have chosen metal roofing when you are not all that concerned with the color.
  • Metal roofing is difficult to move onto your roof when you are working alone or with a partner. You will need a work crew present when you are completing the installation.

Why Should You Choose a Metal Roof?

You may learn how to install metal roofing because it gives you the advantages you require, and you should have a look at what will happen once you finish the job. Your quest to learn how to install metal roofing will include advantages that make the roof proper for your home, or the work shed you have outside. Each advantage listed helps you come closer to the conclusion that you should purchase a proper metal roof.

  • A metal roof will not break down like a shingle roof will.
  • A metal roof will use far fewer pieces, and the price will be much lower.
  • The roof you use will help you control the thickness of the product because of the weather you receive in the area.
  • When it comes to how to install a metal roof, you will be happy to find out that it is a lot simpler to go through the entire process than applying shingles.

Why Shouldn’t You Opt for a Metal Roof?

The disadvantages of a metal roof usually outweigh the advantages when you shop, and you should be honest with yourself when you are shopping. You will learn that some metal products are simply not right for you, and you should avoid them for something that is a bit different.

  • Metal roofs might not look good on your home or shed.
  • Some people might not prefer the installation process for the metal roof, considering it to be too complicated. Although there are many how to install metal roofing tips out there, some of you can consider these to be more complex than they seem.
  • Sometimes, metal roofs can be too expensive, considering how much material you have to purchase.

What to Expect From a Metal Roof

You will learn how to install metal roofing because it is simple, and you can use the information you find while you are shopping for better roofing services. You can do much of the work yourself, and the process of learning installation procedures will help you go through the project as quickly as possible. The metal roof will protect you for years at a time, it is simple to repair, and it will ensure you are safe under your own roof.

Our tips on how to install metal roofing when you are looking for a stronger structure to support your home are effective and easy to follow. You will see a number of products that are available to you, and you will probably have to teach the whole family how to install metal roofing. Once you add metal panels on your roof, your home will increase in value when buyers know it you used the best and heaviest metal products to cover and protect it.

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